An experienced attorney, Robert Rimberg handled cases in bankruptcy and real estate. In addition to this role, Robert Rimberg is a successful lawyer and entrepreneur who launched Bill4Time that easily tracks expenses.

Created with the expert assistance of several consulting and law firms, Bill4Time has provided user-friendly billing software services to an extensive clientele since its inception in 2006. The company focuses particularly on security, consistency in service, and convenience for its customers.

Bill4Time’s expense-reporting services allow companies to easily track expenses without the chaos of handling receipts manually. …

After studying economics at Yeshiva University in New York, Robert Rimberg became an attorney, representing clients for a diverse range of litigation in the New York court system. Now a successful entrepreneur, Robert Rimberg launched Bill4Time in 2006.

A Web-based software for companies ranging from small firms to large corporations, Bill4Time provides convenient online billing services to clients across the nation from its offices in Pittsburgh and Seattle. Bill4Time also provides easy-to-use time tracking services.

Tracking time with Bill4Time can save as much as 30 percent of billable time to ensure employees receive payment for every minute they work without…

Robert Rimberg Attorney established Bill4time, a digital platform used for accurately tracking time and various billing matters, in 2006. Over the past 12 years, Robert Rimberg has continuously expanded and improved Bill4time services through various methods, such as the introduction of mobile apps across numerous platforms.

Bill4time mobile apps allow business leaders to manage operations anytime, anywhere, and from a variety of devices. With nearly three quarters of business owners making use of mobile business apps on a daily basis, it’s clear that owners are afraid of their company falling behind. …

Key Points

  • Households under financial pressure are finding different ways to generate a few extra dollars, from selling crafts to generating video content.
  • Though independent contractors may get a Form 1099 from the platforms they use to do business, they are required to report all income they receive from their side work and pay taxes on it.
  • Simplify your workload at tax time: Track your income and expenses, and be sure to set aside some money to cover quarterly taxes. You may be eligible for small business deductions, too.
Track your income and expenses, and be sure to set aside some money to cover quarterly taxes.

Read the full CNBC version here. I highly recommend.

“The IRS recognizes these are challenging times for everyone and understands that many Americans still face COVID-related hardships. It’s important to resume critical tax compliance responsibilities and continue to assess the wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 and other difficulties people are experiencing.”

To that end, they’re “offering a wide range of taxpayer relief options.

“First, under existing rules for immediate, broad-based relief from unpaid liabilities resulting from COVID-19 issues, including those affected by IRS mail processing and correspondence delays.

Robert Rimberg attorney, and founder of Bill4Time, a time tracking and revenue management software designed for legal professionals. Throughout his career, Robert Rimberg has worked on many cases involving property leases, landlord-tenant relations, and charity fraud.

Charity fraud occurs when organizations use deception to solicit money from individuals who believe they are making donations to genuine charities. Money collected is used for other purposes not intended by the donors. Due diligence is important when you choose to support a cause you’re passionate about. Below are tips that can guide you on how to avoid charity scams.

1. Before making a…

Entrepreneur working Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

Robert Rimberg attorney, is the founder of Bill4Time, a time-billing program designed to help law firms and consulting firms streamline their time-tracking and invoicing needs. Robert Rimberg lawyer an entrepreneur and is currently working on new business ventures.

Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding experience, and starting a company can contribute significantly to the economy. In a society that encourages the creation of new ideas, entrepreneurs have a good chance of achieving success. However, there are several common misconceptions about entrepreneurship:

1. Entrepreneurs are born leaders. Entrepreneurs need leadership skills to guide employees, maximize team efficiency, and work toward a common…

Security Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash
Security Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Technology-savvy Lawyer Robert Rimberg designed the process management platform Bill4Time to streamline many of the most time-consuming tasks for attorneys and others in the legal profession. Robert Rimberg developed Bill4Time to automate tedious invoicing, time tracking, and case management duties with secure, web-based software.

Launched in 2006, Bill4Time provides reliable, secure management software suitable for legal firms of all sizes at an affordable price point. Bill4Time has several security features that protect client and firm data, while offering a customizable navigation experience. The portal uses 256-bit encryption techniques, the highest grade of data protection.

Additionally, Bill4Time’s data centers are decentralized…

Man using a tablet image:
Man using a tablet image:

Robert Rimberg attorney, specializes in legal matters that are based around litigation, bankruptcy, and fraud. Outside of his work as an attorney, Robert Rimberg is a serial entrepreneur who founded Bill4Time, an online platform that allows law firms to manage their projects through its unique documentation, time tracking, and case management features.

Recently, Bill4Time published a blog post which addressed the ways an attorney can use LinkedIn to attract and serve more clients.

LinkedIn is a social media platform used by professionals to interact and form professional connections. If used correctly, this platform can reap amazing results for all professions…

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Robert Rimberg attorney founded Bill4Time, an online time tracking software that provides simple, powerful, and effective billing and invoicing technology to legal professionals. A graduate of economics from Yeshiva University, Robert Rimberg is currently working on more ventures and exploring new opportunities.

Technology has had a significant impact on many sectors including the legal profession. Nowadays, legal practices have integrated technology into their activities given the benefits these businesses stand to gain. For starters, law firms are able to save time and money as technology eliminates the inconvenience of doing tasks manually such as invoicing and billing. …

Robert Rimberg Attorney

Robert Rimberg Attorney; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, J.D., 1986. Robert Rimberg Lawyer; New York State and American Bar Associations

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