Robert Rimberg Attorney established Bill4time, a digital platform used for accurately tracking time and various billing matters, in 2006. Over the past 12 years, Robert Rimberg has continuously expanded and improved Bill4time services through various methods, such as the introduction of mobile apps across numerous platforms.

Bill4time mobile apps allow business leaders to manage operations anytime, anywhere, and from a variety of devices. With nearly three quarters of business owners making use of mobile business apps on a daily basis, it’s clear that owners are afraid of their company falling behind. Fortunately, Bill4time mobile services can be set up to operate even while the primary user is offline, and can immediately sync with the user’s device once Internet access has been restored.

Robert Rimberg Attorney Law and Technology
Law and Technology

Bill4time mobile apps provide individuals and businesses with all the same features as Bill4time software, from time and expense tracking capabilities to project management support. Bill4time’s apps are currently available across all major devices, including Apple iPads and iPhones, Android phones, Amazon tablets, and BlackBerry devices. Users can also streamline use of Bill4time software through desktop apps, such as the Bill4time Desktop Widget and the Chrome Browser App.

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Robert Rimberg Attorney; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, J.D., 1986. Robert Rimberg Lawyer; New York State and American Bar Associations